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ISP Radius server and VoIP Radius/AAA server

Aradial is a high performance full-featured RADIUS server. Boasting excellent performance and technological superiority, Aradial radius server is the unquestioned market leader in its class.

Aradial radius server provides extensive support for: ISP, Wireless LAN, Mobile Companies.

The server includes some of the most innovative features available in the market today. It is easy to use, scalable and features a plug-in architecture providing support for almost any new functionality or network element.

Aradial's 100% web-based interface ensures easy connectivity from anywhere. Coupled with a state server that allows you to know exactly what is happening in the network, in real time.

Aradial turns a web browser into the ultimate remote control, allowing you to manage all your users and all your points of presence from anywhere at any time.

Policy algorithms ensure the network behaves the way you want it.

Through an easy to use scripting interface you can apply fail over mechanisms, keep some resources dedicated for particular end users, make time of day decisions on network load, connect in real-time to your billing system to query the balance and do credit limit enforcement, and much more.

Aradial radius aaa server is vendor independent, allowing you to use Cisco's access servers including Wireless LAN (Arionet series) , Ascend's MAX Series, Lucent's Portmaster, Bay's, Shiva's, any combination of them or any other RADIUS enabled product.

Wireless Security Suite: Extensible Authentication Protocol (EAP).

Aradial aaa server can use its own user database, an external compliant database or connect to an LDAP server, and can communicate, using Policy algorithms, with your billing system for both Authorization and Accounting.

Aradial radius database high-availability is based on real-time database replication and was installed in customers environment using Microsoft SQL Server and in others using Oracle replication (RAC).

Additionally, the aaa server's full list of administrative and reporting utilities make it a single point of control for all your needs.

Aradial provides advanced connectivity to billing systems in the Postpaid and Prepaid markets (see supported billing systems)

Aradial, a powerhouse of features and performance is affordably priced and ready to download for an evaluation today Download and Support.

Aradial radius server provides Tier 1 scalability. Built on real-time infrastructure, Multithreading and multiprocessor along with accounting monthly partitioning, Aradial can support millions of subscribers in low latency.

Due to the fact that Aradial radius server has excellent performance low cost hardware is needed for it operations (see Data Sheet).

High Availability and Reliability
Aradial provides Tier 1 reliability and high availability 99.999%.

Using Clustering and Database replication (RAC), Aradial achieves the goal of 99.999% High Availability.

100% Web based administration
Aradial has a 100% Web interface used with its internal Web Server or ISAP or NSAPI. The administrators can access the server using a secure connection access from anywhere in the world. The Web interface supports: Support all the RADIUS Standard RFC's and more
Aradial software supports the latest RADIUS RFC's: RFC's that are supported: Extensions RFC's that are supported:

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